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Hey Opossum, when it comes to testing demand, would you bother making the home page/product page or just the landing pages? And do you bother with pre-landers at this stage? Thank you in advance!

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Opossum - first up , thank you for the guidance and constant pushing to set up a side hustle.

I've set up my services website and am currently pushing out content for the website . Using Semrush for finding keywords and Surfseo for writing the content - like you suggest.

The problem I'm struggling with is - I feel that the monthly search volumes for my keywords are too low , not only that - even the number of keywords seem less.

Eg. Keyword 1 has total volume of broad match results as 7,000 of which the main keyword with highest volume has like 1,000

Keyword 2 - total volume of 2080 for broad match with main keyword at 210 volume. related keywords are 4690

I understand my services are pretty niche however, the LTV of an acquired customer is substantial.

Would it make sense to keep putting out more content here or to focus on outbound lead gen here and keep the SEO for another broader service?

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This is great information. Are you planning on doing something similar for the Affiliate market by any chance?

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Love your work so far. Has helped me a tonne. Are you able to make a post on how to expand into international markets? I have an e-com business (supplements) which runs well in the country I live in. However, I wouldn't know where to begin in terms of expanding internationally.

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What kind of statisticaL model do you use to test for AOV distribution?

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