Great post, many thanks for this Broseidon

Quick question for you and BowTiedOpposum: I’ve read all the substack posts (these are absolute gems) and some older ones by Crypto Mouse and just have this question that’s been bugging me:

If the goal is to sell a specific type of info products, would you go directly on Shopify and test demand with different types of paid ads / fake check outs to see conversion OR would you take the time to build your website on WordPress with relevant articles to gain topical authority and eventually rank them? the con of the latter option would be that you may spend 6 months writing stuff and not knowing if demand will be there..

Many thanks!

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Congrats on the continued success!

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This is absolutely amazing, thank you for sharing this and for all the resources. I am grateful to you!

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LOVE. Congratulations Brosei!

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How do I find that Academy of Advertising regarding their marketing course? I tried googling it with no luck.

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Great post, super useful and clear

If you can say:

- what profit margins are you experiencing this far

- how did you get to 20K IG followers so quickly

- were most pre order sales form existing audience or ads

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How much have you put into the business so far?

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Bro you need to replace the "filler text" at the very bottom of your page for Ramp...

...under the newsletter formfill it still says "say something about your newsletter" cuz you forgot to actually edit that part of your template

solid looking page tho!

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