Opposum, HELP! Trying to set up my first shopify site, and of course cannot set up Analytics, because they haven;t come up with integration with GA4. Saw some options like https://apps.shopify.com/analyzify but damn that's a price tag?

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"If the thought of working for someone else that doesn't really care about whether you starve for 40 years doesn't do it. Nothing I can say will do it."

I love this answer. Your writings on 1) what it really takes (timelines to rank, work required, etc), and 2) general mindset, are awesome.

Still look back at the Aug 21st Q&A answer "advice to your younger self" sometimes.

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Hey Opossum. I have a Squarespace website for a digital products business (3.5k unique visitors; $1300 revenue per month). Is it sensible to transition to WP? Squarespace's walled garden is becoming a barrier to scale - it's bad for A / B testing on Optimize and has limited functionality. Do the advantages of WP justify paying someone to transfer it to WP (c.$550)?

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Thanks for answering my question. I appreciate it ❤️💡

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